Want a tip from a 96-year-old style icon?


Do you find yourself struggling with expressing who you really are in the way you present yourself?

Iris Apfel, the 96 year old style icon, has stated that "style requires work". Cultivating your style is a process of trial and error: You find out who you are and what looks best on you and what to avoid." 

She also added that: "I think jewelry is the most transformative of all accessories. By just changing the kind of jewelry you wear with a little black dress, you can go from day to night. My mother taught me that if funds are limited, get a few well-cut basics and add personality with jewelry. Through your choice of accessories, you make them individual and make them your own. That’s advice from the depths of the Depression, but it still applies today."

So, if you're looking to add that personality to your outfits and transform the way you present yourself, check out this Lookbook and see if you see something that appeals to you:



Ps. Let me know if you want help in selecting or finding what is ideal for you!

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