Are you telling the world who you are?

Are you telling the world who you are?

According to Manou Messmann, modern people are constantly trying to understand you and today they do that by reading your visual information. What we wear today has become of greater importance than ever before.

The amount of people we meet in a day has increased dramatically and so has the amount of visual information we have to process. So, every day we perceive thousands of visual images and all this information has to be stored somewhere. So our brain categorizes.

When we look at people's clothes we try to understand the information under it. Our clothes communicate, and they are an extension of body language.

Every day, people look at you, not because they are being judgmental but because they are trying to understand you. And the way we communicate in a society dominated by visual information is through...visual information.

Luckily, our brain understands visual images very well because it helps save energy. So, the image we portray becomes of great importance because it sends the message of who we are.

Something physical can affect something psychological. A powerful image not only makes you feel self-confident, it sends others the message that you are self-confident. And if you feel powerful, your body language will become powerful. And if you dress powerfully, you will also feel powerful and others will see you as powerful.

What should I wear? Dress in a way that shows what you want in life. When you dress according to your future goals, you will attract the people who will help you achieve them.
Dress to tell a story about who you are, who you want to become, and what you want!

P.S. Strong Jewelry can give you that Powerful Image sending the message not only to others but to yourself as well:

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