Are you feeling invisible?

Have you noticed that as you age you start to feel more invisible? I hadn't given this much thought until a recent experience in the Super Market when all eyes seemed to fall on me. As I looked at those staring my way, I realized that they weren't staring at me but at my beautiful daughter walking next to me. Attention comes naturally to the young.

Yet, as society increasingly places more value on youth and stigmatizes the aging process, more and more women are finding ways to change the way they present themselves. They just want to be visible and appear interesting again. They want to regain the power to attract positive attention and respect from other people, rather than slip on a cloak of invisibility.

Studies show that by donning one atypical, unusual, out of character item, you can, paradoxically, release your real inner identity, while also boosting feelings of self-worth and value.

Do you feel visible or invisible? The key to feeling relevant, important, and valued lies within us but we can boost it with the way we present ourselves.


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