You only have 1/10th of a second to impress!

Studies show it takes just one tenth of a second for us to judge someone but also to make a first impression!

We make assumptions about people within seconds of meeting them. From the clothes they wear, their makeup, their jewelry, their shoes, the way they carry themselves, they tell a story about who they are. We associate what we see with who they are.

So what Story are You telling?

Have you ever noticed that in a room full of women there are always some that stand out? You notice them and can often tell who they are simply by the way they present themselves. They may all be wearing very basic clothing but there are those few (more often, just a couple) who give their outfit some character making them appear more interesting and noticeable.

Are you the woman that gets that attention? Or do you look at them and feel deep inside some envy, admiration or an urge to also stand out? What distinguishes you and tells others who you are? What story are you telling with what you wear?

Our look not only sends a message to others about who we are but it also empowers us and is a confidence booster. And confidence is one of the most attractive qualities one can possess.

My Goal

My goal is to help you feel inspired by adding some uniqueness to your style thus changing the perception others and you have of yourself. And a unique accessory can seriously make all the difference to your outfit, transforming it from basic to edgy in an instant.

Who I am

I'm Joy Baldwin Papadantonaki, an American-Canadian born and raised in Greece. While I lived some years in Chicago, most of my life I've lived in Greece. I then moved to Switzerland for 9 years and now live in Australia. Through all the moves in my life, I carry my jewelry along and have kept my suppliers from all over Europe.

I am a mother of two grown children who I am very proud of. Although my degrees have been in Psychology, my real passion is creating, which I have been doing with my jewelry designs for over 20 years. 

The materials and design to send a strong message

For many of the years that I designed jewerly, I followed what was in fashion and what I felt most women would want to wear. They were often cute, romantic, delicate pieces that were not really "my style". Although they sold really well in the stores of Greece’s mainland and islands, I hesitated to wear them myself because they didn't represent who I was. They weren’t telling the story I wanted to tell.

When I thought about what I would feel comfortable wearing, two materials came to mind that I felt could express who I was or who I wanted to be:

   Metal   because it is strong and uncompromising,

   Leather   for its authenticity

And that is when Otherwise Jewelry was born. I now make my jewelry using mainly these two materials to stand out, to make a statement. I strive to add a distinct style to what I create since this gives it its attitude of strength and uniqueness.

My jewelry will help you tell an Otherwise Story.

Dare to be Otherwise.

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