Why do you dress up?

What is the number one reason you like to dress up?

According to Professor Karen Pine, when 400 people were asked to choose the primary reasons for dressing up these were the reasons they gave:

            1. To feel confident (73%) 
            2. To be comfortable (52%) 
            3. To express myself (40%) 
            4. To look fashionable (28%) 
            5. To look professional (27%)
            6. To get noticed (18%)
            7. To look sexy (14%) 
            8. To show off my body (13%)
            9. To disguise my body (11%)
          10. To blend into the background (7%)

So, the main motive has to do with confidence which is internally motivated.

And, as Professor Pine explains, when we signal to others that we care about ourselves, they are more likely to view us as somebody worth caring for.

That is my purpose when creating bold jewelry: to boost confidence and enhance the self-expression of strength.


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