Yes, I’m a Shoe-aholic. No, I don’t need help

My No 37 pair of shoes

Do you love high heeled shoes as much as I do? And do you find them hard to resist, especially after you’ve tried them on? In fact, I just can’t pass by a good deal when I find a pair I like! And I happen to know where the good deals are!!

But when it comes time to dress up and put them on, I start having second thoughts…because…they are SOOOO uncomfortable. You see, my girlfriends tease me because I have very thin feet which tend to slide around in these shoes and make the whole process of wearing them even more painful. And I’m not much for the “pain over beauty” belief. I’m more into the “comfort above everything”.

So, once in a while, I get to put them on when photographing my jewelry. The rest of the time I mostly just admire them in my closet. And yet, I continue to buy them….


P.S. The shoes in the picture cost me 5 euros! Never worn them out but who could resist such a deal?!?

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