Soft leather bracelet with Swarovski stones (BR-360)


Sleek metal, elegant Swarovski stones, and soft leather come together for this unique piece.
The neutral color palette makes this bracelet effortlessly versatile.​

​Slider Zamak/Swarovski. Coin. 20mm /.78in.
Silver-black diamond. Inn.10x3mm​/.40x.15in
Nappa lace double stitched 7,0 x 2,0mm/.27in – taupe​
Metallic Zamak Clasp 14mm​/.55in

Soft double stitched leather has been used in taupe color which is of the best quality. The metal is Zamak which is a metal alloy (of zinc, aluminum, magnesium and copper) deeply coated in silver and imported directly from Spain. It is world known for its weight, luster and durability. It is hypoallergenic and has a high resistance to oxidation and aging. You can clean it with a cleaning cloth of silver.

***The item comes in an elegant suede gift pouch***

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