OtherwiseIt! Jewelry Set 86 (BRS-307)


Chunky equestrian necklace, bracelet and ring set - ideal for your everyday standout looks. Created with Sterling silver plated Zamak metal, genuine black leather and stainless-steel chains- designed to make a statement. Get the set at 10% off

1. Necklace details: Large shackle 1.6"x1.4" with genuine black leather (NC-1202).
Circumference 18"+2.5" extension chain
Choose "No size"

2. Bracelet details: Large shackle (1.6"x1.4") with genuine black leather, and heavy stainless-steel chain (BR-487).
- The bracelet is adjustable with extension chain but knowing your approx. wrist size helps me create it to fit you perfectly! Message me for larger.
Wrist size:
Small 5.5"-6.5" / 14CM-16.51
Medium 6.5"-7.5" / 16.51CM-19.05CM
Large 7.5"-8.5" / 19.05CM-21.59

3. Ring: This beautiful piece features 2 adjustable silver-plated ring bands connected by a stainless-steel chain with horse bit, a combination that won’t go unnoticed! (R-2083)
Details: Silver 999° Antique Brass Chevalier Ring 15.5mm with ring 0.7mm
Chain Length 5cm
Size of bands: adjustableZamak horse stirrup SIZE : 24.5X10.5MM - 
The band is made of Silver 999° Antique Brass
The chain is made with sterling silver-plated stainless-steel.

Choose "No size"

4. When choosing the whole set, select the bracelet size

In all pieces Zamak metal has been used. This is a metal alloy deeply coated in sterling silver and imported directly from Spain. It is world known for its weight, luster and durability. It is hypoallergenic and has 5 to 8 microns of sterling silver coating. All pieces are anti-allergic, nickel, and lead-free.
- Sterling silver plated Zamak is a great alternative to solid sterling silver for the budget conscious buyer, it is just as pretty and durable and it is stainless.
❥❥Thank you for visiting my store! The purpose of each piece is to make you feel Unique, Edgy and Sharp...to make you feel Otherwise ❥❥🎔
***The item comes in an elegant suede gift pouch***


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