Black resin leather bracelet (BR-450)

Standout black resin unites leather bracelet which wraps 3 times around wrist and connects to half metal bracelet with hinge.
Details: Zamak half bracelet, resin and metal element (30MMx30MM) and PU leather. Slightly adjustable as a couple of holes available for hinge.

Extra Small: 15cm (5.91in) for wrist 13-14.5cm (5.12-5.71in)
Small: 17cm (6.69in) for wrist 15-16.5cm (5.91-6.50in)
Medium: 19cm (7.48in) for wrist 17-18.5cm (6.69-7.28in)
Large: 21cm (8.27in) for wrist 19-20.5cm (7.48-8.07in)
Extra Large: 23cm (9.06in) for wrist 21-22.5cm (8.27-8.86in)

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