Agate beaded bracelet with funky Murano glass bead (BR-344)


Agate beaded bracelet with funky Murano glass bead. Agate is a form of quartz and these stones have intriguing patterns in brown and black making them unique and fascinating pieces. Each agate has a distinctive style pattern with no two agates being the same. Love this piece as it's great worn alone or combined with other bracelets for a stacked look!

Most bracelets are adjustable with extension chain or leather but knowing your approximate wrist size helps me create it to fit you perfectly! Message me for larger.

Approx. wrist size:

Small: 5.5"-6.5"/14-16.51cm
Medium: 6.5"-7.5"/16.51-19.05cm
Large: 7.5"-8.5"/19.05-21.59cm

Before ordering, be sure to click your size below!

***The item comes in an elegant suede gift pouch***


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