OtherwiseIt! Jewelry Set 77 (BRS-295)


Set to Otherwise your look:

  1. Necklace - A funky Choker with Oval hoop and steel chain. Choker style statement piece that can be worn daily alone or with several other necklaces if you prefer a layered look!

Details: The Zamak Oval Hoop design is 999° Silver Antique Plated -  55MM X 29MM

Stainless Steel Faceted Bar Link Chain 16x2.9mm

Adjustable with extension chain

  1. Bracelet - This edgy chic bracelet is perfect for those who like to be bold yet classy. A one-of-a-kind piece with a silver oval hoop metal design, chunky hammered Iron chain and statement coin.

Details: The Zamak Oval Hoop design is 999° Silver Antique Plated -  55MM X 29MM and Zamak lobster buckle

Heavy hammered Iron chain and silver-plated Zamak coin

Details: Silver plated Zamak oval hoop 55MM X 29MM

Made of zamak which is a metal alloy deeply coated in sterling silver and imported directly from Spain. It is world known for its weight, luster and durability.  it is hypoallergenic and has 5 to 8 microns of sterling silver coating. All pieces are anti-allergic, nickel, and lead-free.

Sterling silver plated Zamak is a great alternative to solid sterling silver for the budget conscious buyer, it is just as pretty and durable and it is stainless.

  1. Ring: Funky fluidity is what describes this 925 sterling silver ring. A stand out piece that wraps around two fingers conveying the idea of ​​creative freedom. 

Can be worn in 2 different ways as shown in photo! The graceful curves surround the fingers in a feminine loop with precise lines. It is adjustable as the metal is moldable


925 Sterling Silver Ring


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