Classy stainless steel chain necklace with drop pendant (NC-1149)


This elegant yet bold piece is what is called edgy chic. Stand out with a classy necklace made of stainless-steel ball chain and 999° Silver Antique Plated metal pieces.

Ball chain overall length: 55cm – can be made longer upon request
Zamak Cast Drop Pendant 25x33mm
Zamak Pendant 30x49mm

The chain is made from stainless steel and the pendant and hook are made from zamak - a metal dipped in sterling silver leaving an antique silver finish. ​Zamak is a metal alloy deeply coated in silver. It is world known for its weight, luster and durability. Hypo Allergenic, Resists Tarnishing​​

***The item comes in an elegant suede gift pouch***

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